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Smart Phone Savvy Course ( 6 Weeks )

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Got Parents/Grandparents that are always complaining that they don’t know how to use they’re new smartphone or tablet?, Maybe your having a hard time using your new smartphone after swapping from a classic style?

Mobilebarn® is now offering the Smartphone Savvy Course to ensure that you are ready to tackle the smartphone world “Thumbs First”. As they say “the world is at your fingertips” when you know how to use them! With the knowledge you will receive during this course you will be able to get through your smartphone life happily!

The Smartphone Savvy Course is a 6 week program with a 1hr one-on-one training lesson each week, starting of with the basics and delving into more advanced operations by the end leaving you “Smartphone Savvy”.

Here’s a quick overview of what your going to learn:

Week 1: Welcome to your phone

Today you will learn exactly what your phone is capable of doing. This includes how to make phone calls, write and send a text messages, add contacts & much more. This day will also give us an idea about why you are doing our course and what you would like to learn from the course.

Week 2: personalising your phone

Today is all about making your phone yours. You will learn how to use the app store plus we will teach you how to set a background wallpaper, installing apps you want and need on your phone and downloading and setting a unique ringtone. After this day you should feel like your phone is a part of you and it will have all the appropriate features on it to make it yours!

Week 3: how to use the web browser and emails

Today we get onto the tricky stuff learning confidently how to use the web browser to ask google anything you want and search it as well as getting you setup properly with your email accounts so you can easily pass on a message to loved ones or send some important documents onto whoever you need to. This day is very important for you especially if you have never tried to use the internet, google websites or emails.

Week 4: how to use bluetooth and wifi

Today you will learn how to use the bluetooth and wifi functions on your phone. We will teach you how to connect to bluetooth speakers and how to use wifi to connect and use the free hotspots around town to save your data. Connecting to wifi at home will allow you to send large files via email (like some photos) and also go over any questions you may have about other functions of your phone.

Week 5: how to use social media

Are you sick of not seeing any photos of the grand kids anymore because they are all on something called bookface (Facebook) or instantgram (Instagram). Well now that you are getting more smartphone savvy and you have an email address and internet on your phone, let’s set you up with a Facebook account and show you how to use it!

Week 6: refreshing you on what you have learnt and testing your abilities 


If you need to change a booking Please Let Us Know within an hour before the lesson. Yes, you are able to change the date and time if there is a change needed with no extra cost.  :) 

Or 6 weekly interest free payments from $39.99 with what's this?